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Type of pallet truck: standard

Load capacity (kg): 2500

Centre of gravity (mm): 575

Type of pump: standard

Brake present: NO

Colour: RAL

colour: RAL1003 (signal yellow)

Minimum height (mm): 80

Lifting height (mm): 200

Maximum height (with handle) (mm): 1230

Total length (mm): 1550

Length of the forks (mm): 1150

Control length (mm): 400

Centre distance (mm): 327

Thickness of the forks (mm): 60

Width of the forks (mm): 160

Closed forks: NO

Width across the forks (mm): 550

Width between the forks (mm): 230

Minimum aisle width (mm): 1750

Number of fork wheels: 4

Material of the fork wheels: polyurethane

Material of the steering wheel: rubber

Material: steel

Material of the pump: painted steel (casted)

Electric driven: NO

Built in charger: NO

Ready assembled: NO

Weight (kg): 70

Silent pallettruck: NO

explosionproof: NO

2500kg Hand Pump Pallet Truck - Heavy Duty

SKU: 47755152
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