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Low Level Order Pickers

Our Low level order pickers allows picking to be performed above ground level leveraging the capabilities of a conventional pick vehicle with the speed and efficiency of a  pallet truck. 

Low Level 

In terms of space, when the number of SKUs to be included in the average order exceeds the capacity of the space allocated for order preparation, orders cannot be prepared at ground level. To solve this problem a system of racking units can be installed with two or more load levels in this preparation area. The choice of the number of load levels and their size will be determined by the volume of the unit loads or individual parts to be handled.

As regards time, if an excessively large number of orders has to be prepared each day, the classic preparation sequence (in which a unit load is taken and placed in the order) may prove too slow. In this case, it would be helpful to use a low-level manual picking racking unit system.

When using this type of structure, there is a radical change in the way of working and orders are prepared in two phases. In the first phase, racking units are loaded with units, loose pieces, or parts, which are supplied either from the reserve area or from another preparations area at ground level. The second phase is to prepare the orders, taking pieces from the spaces in these racking units. For this system to operate smoothly, different shifts should be set up for each phase so that the working day is divided into two, four, or more parts. Depending on the number of orders to be prepared and the size of the racking units, the duration of each shift can be as long as a full working day

Our Low Level Order Picker Trucks 


EKS 110 L / Z Low Level Order Picker Truck 

The EKS 110 is the ideal truck for order picking processes from the first to the third racking levels. With a maximum platform height of 118” (3 m.), order picking heights of up to 181” (4.6 m.) can be reached. The cantilevered design enables both open and closed pallets to be picked up. Options available for the load section are fixed forks (can also be walked on with a guard (L)) and auxiliary lift (Z) for the ergonomic depositing of picked items. The new 3.2-kW drive system facilitates travel speeds of up to 8.7 mph (14 km/h). Acceleration is also optimized to contribute towards efficient order picking. Various option packages and the load/steer angle dependent curveCONTROL system fully exploit the strengths of the EKS 110: • Dynamic acceleration • Better handling during cornering • High maximum speed with the best possible energy utilization

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