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Medium / High Level Order Pickers

Our medium/high level order pickers provide the greatest picking performance in the high-bay warehouse. They set standards with respect to flexibility, economy and ergonomics

Man Up

VNA  Man-up forklift trucks allow the operator to ascend with the forks. This enables accurate picking in the highest and narrowest of aisles. The specially designed cab acts as a safety cage, giving the operator the confidence to work at height more effectively. 

Man Down

The operator station remains at ground level, but allows excellent visibility of the mast, sometimes using cameras as an additional aid for positioning pallets. The forks are mounted on a turret head, allowing pallets to be picked from both sides of the aisle without manoeuvring the forklift.

High Level 

High-level order picking consists of picking from the full available height of the racking units, taking complete advantage of this height. There is a single SKU in each compartment of the racking unit.

Different high-level picking methods can be used: using a single space for each SKU, using various spaces for the same SKU in the same aisle or over several aisles,  allocating a single aisle to the full preparation, or using different areas with the SKUs grouped into batches in various aisles.

Medium Level

The Medium Level Order Picker Truck, also known as MLOP, used within warehousing operations, allowing operators to lift a pallet to heights of up to 3 metres, where they can 'Pick' single or small numbers of items rather than complete pallets.

Our Order Picker Trucks 


 EKS 210 / 312 Order Picker Truck 

Up to two shifts without changing the battery due to energy recovery and effective energy management. Basic characteristics Lift (standard mast)from 3000 to 14000mm Capacity / load from 1,25 to 1,50t Modules for process integration: RFID technology, multiple heights and weight checks, Logistics Interface Expandable to automatic operation – ideal for 3-shift operation Up to 25 percent greater performance due to warehouse navigation with semi-automatic approach (optional) Highly flexible model with modular construction and integrated RFID positioning technology More characteristics The EKX 513 / 515 high rack stackers stand for high performance in the narrow aisle warehouse. They set new standards with regards to flexibility, low cost operation and ergonomics. Flexibility through modular construction: this model has over 5 million possible configurations providing flexibility from the start. The advantage is adaptability to any warehousing and logistics operation. Intelligent truck management with our in house electronic controller, and CAN-Bus system keeps the options open for a wide range of requirements with a large number of additional safety features. Excellent performance and energy efficiency: the important factors for fast throughput and outstanding cost efficiency. This is precisely what is provided by Jungheinrich’s 3-phase AC technology with higher performance and low energy usage. The advantage: full utilisation over two shifts in normal operation without battery change. This high efficiency is available to the EKX operator with effortless ease. The cab provides a generous workplace with excellent visibility. At the centre of the operators cab is the electronically adjustable operators cab: Informative colour display. Important operating data is easily and legibly laid out All parameters and programmes can be set individually Softkeys to control functions and menus Travel and hydraulics control via thumb operation Two-handed operation for high safety and operating comfort. Sensors register the operator’s touch and pass this information on to the onboard computer Advantages Pioneer of 3-phase AC technology Performance module (optional) for highest flexibility RFID floor quality recognition control (standard) Ergonomics and comfort Commissioning and maintenance High productivity Energy management module Control and CAN-Bus system Pioneer of 3-phase AC technology Over 150,000 Jungheinrich 3-phase AC trucks are in use all over the world. This depth of knowledge is reflected in today’s drive and control technology: Excellent productivity Low energy consumption Effective thermal economy Reduced maintenance and wear High productivity AC motors with high torque Excellent acceleration and fast cab and supplementary lift speeds Simultaneous lifting/lowering of main and supplementary lift Quiet swivelling reach system with high travel speed Travel direction and height dependent diagonal travel speed profile “Lifting” module: Lift speed 0.52 m/sec and optimisation of swivel reach movement with load recognition (EKX 515) “Swivel reach” module: Maximum dynamics during stacking in with load recognition (EKX 513) “Floor quality recognition” module: Optimisation of travel speed (to 12 km/h) on warehouse floor conditions (in connection with RFID floor control) “Capacity” module: Increased residual capacities with active stabilisers Doubled energy reclamation through regenerative braking and lowering Longer operating times with one battery charge (up to 2 shifts) Shorter charging times Active energy/battery management Longer battery life Battery rollers for quick battery change RFID floor quality recognition control (standard) Truck control with transponder technology Permanent route measuring for exact recognition of all warehouse areas High flexibility regarding switching and safety functions (aisle end stop, lift / travel cut-outs, speed reductions) Optimisation of travel speed profile relative to the floor topology Linking the EKX to a warehouse management system (WMS) using a radio data terminal or scanner Direct acceptance of the destination in the narrow aisle by the truck computer Automatic vertical positioning Automatic horizontal position control system Automatic stacking operation Elimination of incorrect positioning through RFID location detection Ergonomics and comfort Generously dimensioned entrance into the cab Large foot well, adjustable knee supports Excellent visibility towards the load with low swivelling sideshift and clear view masts Sprung, adjustable and foldable comfort seat Electrically adjustable operating console with colour display Soft key pad (softkey) with number block Individual travel programmes Switchless two-handed operating concept Stop position/transfer cushioning of all hydraulic functions Control and CAN-Bus system All functions are adjustable Electronically controlled drive wheel brake and non-wearing electromagnetic laminated brake on load wheels Electrically active stabilisers for maximum capacities to high lift heights (optional) Commissioning and maintenance Fast and safe commissioning through teaching process Integrated diagnostic system for remote maintenance via modem 1000 operating hours service interval Electronics with non-wearing sensor system The gear oil in maintenance-free and sealed for life Revolution counter on wheels with traction control and wear recognition on drive wheel


EKS 310 / 412 Order Picker  Truck 

The highly efficient EKS 412 and EKS 310 vertical order pickers have been optimized for use in warehouses that require excellent lifting and travel performance. Thanks to their excellent ergonomics and picking characteristics, the two new energy-saving and free-wheeling 24V models are ideal for use in wide-aisle warehouses. Thanks to the extended range of masts, order picking heights of more than 10 meters are also possible with the utmost ease. Thanks to the numerous customized equipment options, the vertical order pickers are extremely versatile and allow, thanks to an optimized operating concept and an excellent all-round view, to work in maximum ergonomics. Whether it's a lithium-ion solution or lead-acid batteries: Highly customizable and ergonomic control system. Excellent view and visibility during each warehouse operation. Ideal for use in wide aisles. Maximum driving stability for safe and ergonomic work. Extendable thanks to Jungheinrich three-stage DT mast.


Toyota OME100 Order Picker Truck 

Efficient order picking is the primary concern of many businesses today. Toyota Material Handling understands this and has designed the Toyota Optio order picker forklifts to meet the needs of today's and tomorrow's commercial world, maintaining productivity and driving down costs. The Toyota Optio H-series offers picking heights up to 12 metres. This advanced order picker forklift offers high travel speed, acceleration rate, high lift/lower speeds, plus a host of advanced safety features. The Toyota OME100H & OME120HW order picking forklift models are designed for high-level order picking in narrow aisle storage systems. These versatile forklifts can be used with aisle guidance systems or as free-ranging trucks. Both models feature a chassis width of 1250 mm. The Toyota OME100H model is equipped with an auxiliary lift while the OME120HW model is equipped with a walk through solution. Capacities are 1000 & 1200 kg respectively. Both order pickers are available with either duplex or triplex telescopic masts with max platform heights of 10.5m, enabling picking heights of 12.1m. SAFETY Stable gates together with a flat floor allows comfortable and safe picking. Exceptionally good visibility when driving. The Toyota Optio H-series feature the Toyota Optipace system, which electronically optimises speed, acceleration and braking based on lift height and load weight for maximum performance and safety. PERFORMANCE The Toyota Optio series of order picker forklifts are designed to work effectively in chilled environments. COMFORT/ERGONOMICS A good working environment for the driver is created by adjustable control panel and backrest. RELIABILITY Like all Toyota forklifts, the Toyota Optio range of order pickers is built according to the famous Toyota Production System, assuring the highest levels of quality, durability and reliability.


Linde V Range Order Picker Truck 


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