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Where can I get training to operate any forklift truck?

Learning how to operate a forklift truck is an excellent way to get a new job, land a promotion or become more competent in your current duties. However, forklift trucks are heavy machines that require a decent understanding of health and safety requirements to operate them correctly.

If you're looking into forklift training UK-based, there are lots of professional companies that can help, we work along side Elevation Training & Development Ltd who provide forklift truck training UK-wide. It can be quite an intensive course and will cover all types of forklift safety and operator training to help you obtain your forklift licence.

Do I need a forklift licence?

Surprisingly, you do not need a licence to operate a forklift. With that said, you will need to, at the very least, attend an accredited forklift training course. All employers in the UK are required to provide adequate training so that you can work safely, which is why the courses are a requirement. Failure to meet this obligation could mean that your employer is breaking the law, so be sure to discuss this with them if you have not been through an accredited course.

This is also important to remember if you're asked to work on a different type of forklift than what you are used to. Whether you have been sent to another facility with different equipment or have been told to operate a forklift that you do not know, it's important that you have the appropriate training to handle the heavy machinery.

Benefits of proper forklift truck training

Although it might not be a requirement to hold a forklift truck licence to operate a forklift, it does offer a range of benefits. The skills needed and knowledge gained from proper forklift truck training can help in a number of ways, such as ensuring a safer and better-educated working environment.

Obtaining a forklift licence can also increase your confidence behind the wheel of a forklift truck, which can improve how you work and ultimately boost performance and efficiency. Moreover, holding a forklift licence looks good to future employers and will show you have well-documented proficiency in forklift driving.

Although you don't need an official licence in order to drive a forklift truck, it's beneficial to obtain one by undertaking the relevant forklift truck training so you can carry out your job safely and effectively. Thorough training can increase safety in the workplace, boost your confidence and can also help you to do your job more efficiently. What's more, you're building on the skillset you can offer employers.

Types of forklift training covered

There are lots of different types of forklift trucks that are used, which means that a lot of the training will be tailored to that specific machinery. Some of the most common types include:

• Forklift trucks • Cherry pickers • Scissor lifters • Telehandlers

You can also choose between operating a manual or automatic vehicle, which will be dependent on your past experiences and how you intend to work moving forward.

How long will it take to get my licence?

There is no set time for obtaining a forklift truck license, as it will depend entirely on how quickly individuals learn and take the information on board. Generally speaking, it takes a few days for individuals to obtain their license. There are other options available to speed up this process, such as one-day refresher courses and intensive courses that can cover up to three people. Forklift training prices will vary depending on the type of course you undertake.

What to expect on the day of your forklift driving test

On the day of the test, you will be required to sit a theory and practical examination separately. With proper training, you should have covered all of the information needed to pass these tests.

Components of the test will include maneuver's such as lifting and turning safely, with the practical test working in a similar way to a regular driving test. You will be marked down for any mistakes made.

There are lots of things to consider before undertaking a forklift truck training course, so if you would like to discuss your needs further, you can contact our experts to find out more.


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