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6 benefits of using electric forklifts

The diesel and LPG fuelled range of forklifts have always been incredibly popular and the preferred choice for most construction sites and warehouse environments. But, in recent years there has been a dramatic shift towards the use of electric counterbalance trucks and electric forklifts, and this is for very good reasons. Industrial based companies are now embracing the electric forklift due to its increased efficiency, powerful engines, heavy loads, safe practice and handling, versatility and environmentally-friendly nature. Below we explore in further detail six major benefits of using electric forklifts.

1.Tough on performance

Electric forklifts and counterbalance trucks are incredibly tough on performance. With advanced technology, today this forklift has enhanced braking technology, tighter controls and handling, making it powerful yet easy to drive and manipulate. Commercial forklifts today also have the edge over LPG forklifts, in terms of power and driveability. The electric forklift is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, has large weight lifting loads, and can handle a wide range of materials. In essence, the electric forklift can perform the same tasks as a diesel or LPG forklift. You just need to assess if your work environment and type of industrial job would benefit from the hiring or purchasing of an electric counterbalance or electric forklift.

2. Affordable operating costs

They are highly affordable with lower operating costs than diesel forklifts. They are also much cheaper and easier to maintain. This is because electricity costs much less than LPG or diesel, and requires lower maintenance overall. They also have fewer parts, hence the lower maintenance, which also results in fewer replacement parts and fluids such as coolants and engine oil. The fact that there are fewer moving parts also means increased reliability with a reduced chance of breaking down.

3. Health and environmental safety advantages

Let's just start by saying that electric forklifts produce zero emissions. That's right. None. So, you can't get any more environmentally-friendly than that. So there is no carbon dioxide emitted when they are used, which is better for the operator, other workers and the wider environment. As there are no emissions, there is no need for expensive warehouse ventilation. There is also no need for additional heating costs, as you don't need to keep the interior temperature at a constant level while warehouse doors are open to vent any gases. Electric forklifts and counterbalance trucks also only consume the energy that is needed for operation. They do not heat up, helping them to be energy efficient while working and when on standby. As an increased safety measure, when you take your foot off the accelerator, the forklift will instantly stop, making the braking mechanism highly efficient. Most of the electric forklift battery is made of lead, which is fully recyclable. This further helps to protect our planet.

4. Huge maintenance benefits

When you own an electric forklift, this usually means longer intervals between regular maintenance. Therefore, long term running costs are dramatically reduced. As a result of these types of forklifts needing less maintenance, this has a positive impact upon the number of hours it is in operation. Fewer hours are lost due to servicing and maintenance, meaning that it is a highly productive forklift. As long as the battery is regularly cleaned and serviced, this forklift will run for a very long time. No additional fuel storage space is needed for the electric forklift, as all that is required is an AC battery charging point.

5. Ideal for smaller construction sites

One of the huge advantages of the electric counterbalance truck is that it's ideal for use in confined or smaller construction areas. Many of these forklifts can be lower than 2m in height, ensuring that they can fit into low-level builds. These smaller forklifts also have a much smaller chassis, which improves manoeuvrability with its compact turning radius. Therefore, if your warehouse has narrow aisles and low ceilings, this is the ideal forklift for you.

6. Helps to reduce work based noise

The only noise that can be heard from a moving electric forklift are the tyres and perhaps the alarm alerting other workers to the forklift reversing. It is a relatively quiet machine. Loud and persistent noises can damage hearing over a prolonged period. These loud noises can also be incredibly distracting and pose a danger to the safety of the other workers. If your long term aim is to reduce noise levels in the warehouse environment, then investing in an electric forklift is a wise move. If you are in the process of searching for an electric forklift, then Forklift Truck Depot has a full range for you to choose from. We offer both hire and purchase options. To learn more please do contact us.


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