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FLTD is happy to provide used forklift and light construction equipment reconditioning. We have experience in evaluating and refurbishing equipment to maximize our customers' return on sales, we have the expertise to assess the condition of each piece of equipment and identify any needed repairs or refurbishments. We set the benchmark for excellence.


We have reconditioning facilities, full-time qualified mechanics and the materials to fully recondition your equipment. From tires to tune-ups, a new dash display to a new paint job, we handle all of your used forklift refurbishing needs.


If you are interested in reconditioning, please call FLTD on 01226 281673 or contact us online.


See below for all our reburbuished products transformed.

Commander Sideloader Before
Commander sideloader after
Toyota Before
Toyota after


For more details on Thorough Examinations or to book an inspection for your equipment, get in touch with us today on 01226 281673.

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