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Forklift Tyres

In need of forklift tyres? Discover our top-quality forklift tyres. Contacts us today for all your forklift maintenance needs



For forklift trucks, we divide our product range into the following 3 main categories:

  • Solid tyres

  • Pneumatic tyres

  • Press-on tyres

In the category solid tyres, we offer 3 quality levels:

  • Basic tyres

    • 2 layers

    • super elastic

    • ideal for daily medium-duty use

  • Standard tyres

    • a 3rd layer to counteract heat build-up

  • Premium tyres

    • 3 layers

    • perfect for heavy-duty use

    • support heavy charges

The makes Armour and Advance account for our pneumatic tyres. You can choose between different levels here as well, in function of the duties your forklift trucks are charged with.

  • Industrial pneumatic tyres

  • Premium industrial pneumatic tyres

  • The sidewall-version is equipped with a reinforced ring, providing excellent protection against punctures and lateral damage.

  • The endurance-version has a superior rubber quality. This way, your tyres enjoy an extended service life with a minimum of downtime, despite the heavy loads.

For indoor use, we highly recommend our non-marking tyres. These so-called ‘white tyres’ keep the materials together in such way that the floor won’t show black marks after long-term use. This non-marking option is possible for both basic and premium solid tyres, as well as for press-on tyres.


As usual, we guarantee you an excellent price/quality ratio: the prices are market-sensitive and all our  tyres widely meet the international ETRO-standards


  • We always have more than 10 000 tyres in stock for various applications. As such, you can expect a short lead time.

  • Pre-fitting the tyres on rims is possible.


For more details on Thorough Examinations or to book an inspection for your equipment, get in touch with us today on 01226 281673.

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