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Five Tips On How to Maintain a Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Truck

VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) forklifts are perfect for operating in confined spaces, at a variety of heights and around the tightest corners. Warehouse managers love this type of forklift truck because it allows them to set up their racks closer together – ultimately this makes it possible to store and process a higher volume of materials and products. To maintain this productivity, it’s essential that VNA machines are kept in peak condition. Read our top tips for getting the most out of your truck.

1. Regular Inspection & Maintenance

To maintain the performance of your VNA machine, it’s essential to stick to a plan of regular maintenance. Daily checks of the major functions, like braking and steering, will help ensure the basic operation of the truck and the safety of the operator. You should also plan to conduct more detailed forklift checks on a weekly basis. First, monitor and adjust hydraulics and transmission oil levels. This ensures that the forklift is operating safely and prevents transmission failure. While checking the hydraulics, be mindful of oil lines and check for damage. Check battery terminals, power steering fluid level, and lift chain adjustment.

2. Train Your Operators

Highly trained operators make fewer mistakes and are more likely to increase workplace productivity. A higher level of forklift expertise and smoother operating also results in better fuel efficiency and causes less damage to equipment and your goods. Skilled use of your fleet will keep your forklifts in better condition.

3. Look After Your Batteries

Unless your VNA truck runs on gas or diesel, you’ll need to maintain your forklift battery to give it the longest possible lifespan. One of the most important points is to charge the battery for as long as possible rather than in shorter bursts (for example: overnight if your main operations are during the day).


4. Improve Your Warehouse Layout

When setting up your warehouse it’s important to play to the strengths of the machines you have available. In the case of VNA machines, the ideal environment is an indoor space with narrow aisles and well-planned racking systems. In addition, the specific capability of the truck should be taken into account, particularly relating to load capacity and reach height.

5. Check and Maintain Forklift Tyres

Assuming you’ve fitted your VNA truck with the correct tyres (cushion tyres are often preferred for their small turning radius), there are several things you can do to increase your tyres’ longevity. Air pressure should be checked and maintained regularly. High impact maneuvers, such as sudden braking and taking corners at speed, should be avoided where possible. Finally, spare tyres should be stored in cool, dark conditions to minimize decay.


If you’re considering buying a VNA machine, you may want to check out our VNA buying guide.

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