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De-masting and Transporting a Turret Man Up Forklift Truck

One of FLTD'S recent deliveries to a customer, required us to de-mast four Jungheinrich Turret Trucks. This particular load contained masts that were both over ten meters tall. Here we’ll explain the advantages of having this kind of reach for forklift trucks.

Benefits of Reach Trucks and Turret Trucks

The benefit of having such a tall machine in the warehouse comes from the ability to load goods on to high racking, and to collect from similar high levels - without the need for extra space between aisles. High capacities can be achieved at maximum lift heights; making your process simple and effortless.

How We Safely Transport Trucks With High Masts

To safely transport the Turret Man Up Forklift Trucks, it’s necessary to take the mast down, place it on the floor of the lorry or container and secure the load with straps. The entire machine can then be safely transported to the destination. The photos below show the procedure we used for de-masting four second-hand Jungheinrich Turret Truck. Using a lorry mounted hiab with an experienced operator we took the mast off, delivered safely ready for commissioning..


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