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Scissor Lifts / Cherry Pickers

In general, scissor lifts are simpler machines that are more affordable and work well for basic lifting jobs. Cherry pickers, on the other hand, should be relied on to access incredibly high elevations, particularly when renovating or in new construction. We are proud to offer both of these equipment options.


Anytime, Anywhere

  •  160º cage rotation

  • 150º fly-boom

  • Power Type: Electric 

  • working height of 20.8m

  • working outreach of 13m.

   Price                                                             £450.00/per week

  •  Model Year: 2004

  • Rated working load: 363kg

  • Power Type: Battery

  • Weight: 1589kg

  • Max Working height: 8.1m

   Price                                                             £4500.00 + vat

  •  Model Year: 2011

  • Maximum load: 350kg

  • Power Type: Electric

  • Max Working height: 13m

   Price                                                             £6,500.00 + vat

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