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Genie GS-2032 Scissor Lift

Code: GS3204-51417

The Genie GS-2032 provides a maximum working height of 8.1m from a chassis that is just 81cm wide. Capable of working on the slab both indoors and outside (where it is rated for 1 person use), the GS-2032 is suitable for a range of tasks including facilities maintenance as well as construction and industrial applications.

Unit price                                     £4,500.00 + VAT


Genie GS-2032 Key Facts

  • 8.1m working height from a narrow chassis 

  • Can lift 2 people indoors or 1 when working outside 

  • Deck extension and non-marking tyres as standard 

  • Proportional controls and dual front-wheel drive

  • Easy to maintain, service and troubleshoot

  • Max. Working Height8.10m

  • Lift Capacity: 363kg

  • Power Source: Battery

  • Weight: 1589kg

  • Travel Width: 0.81m

  • Lifting Mechanism: Scissor Lift

  • Chassis Type: Electric Self propelled

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